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The folks at MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) are reporting a large UFO spotted in Orrington just off the Snows Corner Road on the evening of June 13. Known as case number 66464, it describes a night time sighting at 9:00 PM just before the Brewer-Orrington line. While the source remains anonymous according to MUFON’s rules, the witness reports, “I saw a bright teal object slightly above the trees to the north-northeast going slightly above the tree tops, then dipping below with some lateral motion back and forth as it did. It was ‘triangular’ but had a round shape with smaller circles underneath. It illuminated a teal color seemingly from within as the surface ‘glowed’ teal, with black features on it.At one point it tipped slightly away and I could see the bottom of the object. Lastly, it went below the trees one last time and I did not see it again. This sighting lasted less than one minute, but more probably less than 30 seconds. I pulled over in my truck and tried to see it from the next road down from mine but could not. I then parked my truck and went inside to grab my 10×50 magnification binoculars and ran back to Route 15 and walked down to the train-tracks that go across Route 15 in Brewer, paralleling the river – but the object was no longer visible.”

The witness speculated that the object may have been a drone.

Source: MUFON Link

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